...provide quality solutions and considerable value for employers...

Janet L. Robinson, CEO The New York Times

Uniglobal and You

Uniglobal aligns with the biggest names and the best individuals in the industry.

Completely independent of any record keeper, asset provider, or investment institution, Uniglobal affords plan sponsors and investment professional the ability to work holistically towards successful retirement solutions.

Why Uniglobal?

The days of huge corporate defined benefit plans are all but gone. We have to work at saving for the future each and every day, individually. At Uniglobal, we believe the employer-sponsored 401(k) plan may be the only means employees have to seriously save for their future. 

Whether your company is a 2 person start-up or an international manufacturer, offering a 401(k), or any other retirement plan, empowers you and your employees to actively make a change for a more financially secure future. We can do this, together. Talk to your financial advisor, or give us a call, we will help you to craft a great one!