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Greener Administration


GreenAdmin: Our company commitment to the environment.

Once a paper and energy intensive operation, the administration of retirement plans is transforming into a more eco-friendly process. 

Beginning in 2006, Uniglobal realized the potential and benefit of a 'less is more' attitude towards designing, implementing, and administering to its clienteles retirement plans. That attitude fostered GreenAdmin, the internal mantra for a Greener approach to the way in which the organization provides its products and services.

Since the onset, the reductions to the impact on our environmental have been significant. Paper consumption, a once averaged 950-1,250 printed-sheet, per plan, annual task, in 2 years dropped to 450 sheets printed per plan.

By mid-2009, Uniglobal, through GreenAdmin, reduced paper consumption by 94% from the initial amount consumed for the retirement plan administration process. This equates to an annual decrease from 950,000-1,250,000 sheets of paper to merely 50,000-85,000 sheets.

In addition, energy and CO2 emissions have been reduced through newer technologies, fewer PCs, and ultimately the implementation of desktop virtualization.

To read more about Uniglobal's efforts through internal exercises and the conservation of our environment, please see the following page dedicated entirely to GreenAdmin.